MCG Construction Group has access to several window product lines. Different homes and clients require/request individual design and style features. MCG Construction Group offers comprehensive replacement or addition window systems. Choose from several styles and designs. For advanced projects, we leverage in-house architectural staff for structural concerns.

Windows benefit both the exterior and interior ambiances of the home. We know that entire rooms can be transformed through a strategic window placement.



Fences offer the most effective and economical means of proving perimeter security and access control, segmenting sites and defining boundaries.
We Offer Wood Fence, Vinyl Fences, Chain Link Fence, Block Walls, Iron Fence and combination fences.

Avoid Low Water Pressure! Don’t get rust Colored or Yellow Water!
Prevent this things from happening with MCG Construction Group, we will fixed these problems and saves you money!
Repiping is a system-wide solution that cuts down on costly water damage repair bills, saves money on water lost to an inefficient system, improves delivery of hot water and most importantly for many people, eliminates the inconvenience of having low water pressure leaks.


  • Security/Garden
  • Pool & Spa
  • Electrical Repair
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Electrical Upgrading
  • Fix Short Circuits
  • Rewiring
  • New Panels
• Irrigation Systems & Drainage
• Sod Lawns
• Plantation
• Lighting
At spring and summer are coming you will be spending more time outdoors with your family and guests. MCG Construction Group is just as easy as a phone call away.  Does your pool need to be re-marcited or does your deck need repair. We might be able to help. If you are looking for a reliable service, then call MCG Construction Group for a free estimate.